It's been a few months since I last got to shoot portraits and as such, my portfolio — and my creative eye, if you can call it that — has found itself in dire need of a boost. It's a good thing then that I got to shoot my good friend Chris Dale during the long weekend.

Chris and I have been planning to do a portrait shoot for quite some time now, but our schedules, unfortunately, never really clicked, that is, until yesterday. Thank the photography gods for long weekends, am I right?

Anyway, once I found out that my schedule's going to get freed because of the holiday, I called up my friend Michael, and asked if he wanted to style Chris for the shoot. He agreed, and came up with some really nifty 90s-inspired street-style looks for the shoot, which we did at Escolta and Binondo in Manila.

I'm blabbing too much. Here are some of my favorite images: