Hey, Hyolyn

Most of my friends know that aside from being a huge pop and rock geek, I'm also quite the K-Pop fan. 

Scroll through my Spotify history and I'm pretty sure you'll find some BTS, SNSDs, 2NE1s, TWICEs, and BlackPinks next to my Stevie Nicks and Madonnas and Dave Grohls and Michael Jacksons. But while I'm a fan of just about every K-Pop track, some of my go-to songs (especially when I need to boost my mood) are definitely the ones by the Queens of Summer, SISTAR.

Best known for their fun and sexy sound, the quartet — composed of vocalists Hyolyn, Bora, Dasom, and Soyou — has had its share of major hits, including the chart-toppers "Ma Boy",  "So Cool", "Alone", "Touch My Body", "Loving U", "Shake It", and "Give It to Me," all of which I will admit to have shamelessly danced to at different points in time.  

Imagine my excitement then, when I received word that Hyolyn — the group's leader and main vocalist and my personal bias within the group — will be dropping by this side of the planet to perform a special one-night set at the 2018 Philippine ToyCon and that I'm going to be one of the select photographers who'd get to shoot her performance. 

Here are some photos: