There's a certain sense of apprehension when a person asks someone to take their portraits. I mean, humans are inherently a vain species, so asking another guy to take portraits carries with it a whole lot of trust, as well as a whole lot of questions on the photographer's part, with "what if I mess up?" being the loudest.

That was the question that first popped into my mind when Jeddu, one of the friends I made on Twitter, asked me to take his portraits a few weeks ago.

Thankfully though, aside from Kenneth and I turning up late due to (horrible!) Katipunan traffic, the shoot, which we scheduled over the last weekend, went well: the weather cooperated, we had UP all to ourselves, and everyone brought their A game.

Oh, and we almost got lost inside UP — but that's a story for another day.

Here are some of my favorites from the images that Kenneth and I shot that day: