Got to shoot my friend Austin a few days ago. I actually thought about shooting him a year ago but it kept getting pushed back because of my (loaded) schedule.

It was only after my friend Kenneth and I decided to collaborate on a project that Austin's shoot pushed through. (Thanks, Kenneth!)

Kenneth and I decided to experiment with indoor lighting and just shoot Austin in my bedroom, especially since we decided beforehand that the narrative for Austin's shoot would revolve around a lazy weekend, with Austin just lounging on a bed, reading books, and just chilling — a narrative, which, in my eyes as well as Kenneth's, we got to achieve after the shoot.

Not only that, the resulting images, thanks in part to the good amount of (diffused) sunlight my bedroom receives on a daily basis, managed to have this very light, almost ethereal feel to them, thereby bringing to mind imagery that wouldn't look out of place in say, Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood album.

Anyway, here are the images Kenneth and I shot. Enjoy!